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An Embodied Ascension Process

What is embodied ascension?

Ascension is the process of raising our vibration to remember ourselves as sovereign beings of light.

  • It requires seeing and acknowledging the truth that duality is an illusion.

  • It requires acknowledging that there are dark forces at play invested in maintaining the illusion of duality and keeping us ignorant of our Divinity.

  • It requires confronting, feeling and integrating the emotions that arise when we face the truth of reality - that we have been deceived.

  • It requires feeling and experiencing life IN OUR BODY.

  • It requires claiming our sovereignty as Divine beings. That we, alone are in command of our lives and choose our path. We reclaim our power from the people and structures to whom we have given it away. We reclaim the truth that we are a part of the Divine Sacred Presence of God/Goddess/Creator/Spirit/Source. We are not separate and we are not less than. We acknowledge and claim that we are perfect, exactly as we are, in this now moment and that we came here with a purpose that only we, as our unique expression of the Divine, can fulfill.

  • It requires acknowledging that everyone else is also a Divine expression of God and has a role to play in the ascension of our species and our planet. Therefore, we express love and gratitude for all beings, including those perpetrating the dark agenda and those challenging us personally to reclaim parts of ourselves.

What is Dragon Ascension?

Dragon Ascension is the name I have given to the 3-step ascension process given to Magenta Pixie by the Divine energies of Tiamat (the mother planet). This process was given as a monadic download for use specifically during the lockdown. This process resonates deeply with me. I have always been passionate about the process of ascension. I have always felt it to be the soul's deepest desire and the essence to why we chose to incarnate on this planet at this time. This specific process provides a template for how to navigate life, and how to awaken with a knowing that a deeper process is occurring... and we are not alone.

Magenta Pixie describes the process, in full, in the video below (from 30:32 to 50:45)

The "3" Steps of Dragon Ascension

Step 1

Understanding the dark plan - Who are the Cabal and the Illuminati? What are they doing, what do they want to do and why? (There are many resources out there for learning about these agendas. It is often labeled as "conspiracy theory" and much of it is now being heavily censored by social media platforms because it goes against the narrative of the establishment. Start thinking critically and questioning the agenda of what you see and hear and you will begin to see through the cracks.)

The second part to Step 1 is integrating the emotions that arise when we see the dark plan. This is the key to the embodied aspect of this process. We MUST allow ourselves to feel the uncomfortable emotions that arise when we see the different parts of the dark plan. This process happens over and over again, as we discover and learn different pieces of the dark plan.

Step 2

Declaration of sovereignty - expressing your boundaries and making the statement that you DO NOT CONSENT to the control of the dark agenda, you DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION for your boundaries to be crossed. You claim your sovereignty and control over your body, mind and spirit.

(Laura Eisenhower's declaration of Sovereignty - "Message to the Dark Controllers")

Step 3

Through forgiveness and gratitude you send love to the service-to-self structure (the dark forces) - you acknowledge that we are all connected and even the dark forces are an expression of ourselves and our shadow nature and are serving as a catalyst for ascension. Merged with step 2, this becomes an expression of love AND a firm but fair statement of our boundaries as sovereign beings - "Thank you, I forgive you, I love you, but NO, I do not give permission."

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