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embodied ASCENSION

What is Embodied Ascension?

     Ascension is the process of consciously awakening to a higher frequency of vibration on our planet and choosing to live in that vibration, choosing to remember ourselves as sovereign beings of light.

     Embodied ascension is allowing that higher vibration of light and love to move through us, through our physical body, and exist in form within our bodies. It is choosing to feel the felt experience of living as beings of consciousness in physical form.

Embodied Ascension requires:

  • seeing and acknowledging the truth that duality is an illusion

  • seeing and acknowledging that there are forces that are invested in maintaining the illusion of duality and keeping us ignorant to our Divinity

  • confronting, feeling and integrating the emotions that arise when we face the truth of reality - that we have been deceived and we have been deceiving ourselves

  • feeling and experiencing life IN OUR BODY, rather than bypassing the uncomfortable

  • taking responsibility for our experience in our body

  • claiming our sovereignty as Divine beings - that we, alone are in command of our lives and choose our path. We reclaim our power from the people and structures outside ourselves to whom we have given it away. We reclaim the truth that we are an expression of the Divine Sacred Presence of God/Goddess/Creator/Spirit/Source/Love. We are not separate and we are not less than. We acknowledge and claim that we are perfect, exactly as we are, in this now moment and that we came here with a purpose that only we, as our unique expression of the Divine, can fulfill.

  • acknowledging that everyone else is also a Divine expression of God and has a role to play in the ascension of our species and our planet. Therefore, we express love and gratitude for all beings, including those perpetrating the duality agenda and those challenging us, personally, to see, feel and reclaim the wounded parts of ourselves.