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living workshop

A living workshop is a journey of transformation that is woven into our daily lives. Rather than taking a pause from daily life to go on a spiritual retreat, receive healing, or learn a new modality, living workshops provide an opportunity for us to bring depth and consciousness into each moment of our day, while sharing the journey and being witnessed in a safe container of community.

The Medicine Wheel living workshop is a year-long journey anchored in the four directions of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel. This is a journey of self-discovery, personal transformation, empowerment, and community development at a whole new level. Through a private group chat, regular Zoom calls, and quarterly extended weekends together in person, a container and portal is created within which our individual and collective transformation takes place. Participants agree to show up with an open heart, vulnerability, and impeccability. Some of the requirements in the container are self-responsibility, integrity, authenticity, and non-judgement.

medicine wheel living workshop.jpeg

The unfolding of this journey is as unique as the individual hearts that co-create the container. Once one participant is inspired, their intention opens the portal to call in the other participants who are meant to be involved in this unique expression of the journey. These participants might be friends or family, or they might be people we have never met who are following their own inner calling. All participants understand that this is a Divinely orchestrated journey that is never the same from one group to the next. Each group that forms is as unique as each individual within the group. Each person who brings a full-body "YES" to the space becomes a co-creator of the journey, and each participant receives the medicine that best serves their highest timeline and expression. We all agree to honor the Divine unfolding and release our need to control the outcome. We practice RADICAL ACCEPTANCE of what shows up and navigate each experience with an open heart.

Medicine Wheel Agreements

If you are called to embark on the journey, connect with me.

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