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massage for EMBODIMENT

Massage is a modality that affects all our bodies - physical, energetic and emotional. On a physical level, massage softens the tissue and creates space for our body to find a new, more relaxed way of being. On an energetic level, massage calms the nervous system and rewires the electrical impulses that inform our physical body. It creates space between the cells to allow more of our energetic being to come into form. On an emotional level, massage moves stuck energy from unexpressed emotions that are held in the tissue. In this way, massage supports the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Massage for embodiment is an invitation to bring your awareness deeper into your body and come into communion with how the being of light that you are is inhabiting this physical form. Awareness is necessary before we can make new choices. Massage can help activate that awareness and give us a felt experience of how we can inhabit our bodies differently. Once we have that felt experience, we can tap into it more easily in our daily lives and make new choices in response to our experiences. In this way, massage is a tool for expanding our awareness and awakening our Selves to the magic of being a soul in form.

shamanic ENERGY WORK

Most people are living a life that is not completely theirs, a life that is influenced by fear consciousness, lack paradigms and limiting thoughts and narratives that motivate their actions and choices. These influences come from pain that the soul experienced over the course of this lifetime, in past lives or through the ancestors. We attract experiences into our lives that recreate this pain, retell the wounded stories that live within us and affirm our limiting beliefs - stories that are disempowering and prevent us from expressing our highest selves.

If you are reading this, it is because you came here to transform that pain into gifts and reclaim your power and right to thrive.


At some point in our lives we might feel the urge to make a drastic change, to stop recreating the same unhealthy experiences, to get out of a rut that never seems to release us. When we feel this urge, our soul is asking for attention, our Divine Self is asking to be seen, felt and heard.

Shamanic energy work is used to clear the limiting beliefs, stories and energies that no longer serve us, allowing our wounds and pain to be transformed so we can remember and feel the deeper parts of our Selves that are ready to emerge. It can help clear the energies that keep us tied to ways of thinking, feeling and living that hold us back from expressing our full potential and from receiving the abundance and joy that is our Divine birthright.

I am passionate about facilitating a deep dive to uncover and clear the limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our most abundant, joyful life.

Learn more about what to expect at a Shamanic session.

living workshop

A living workshop is a journey of transformation that is woven into our daily lives. Rather than taking a pause from daily life to go on a spiritual retreat, receive healing, or learn a new modality, living workshops provide a container for a small group of individuals to bring their retreat into their lives.

The Medicine Wheel living workshop is a year-long journey anchored in the four directions of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel. This is a journey of self-discovery, personal transformation, empowerment and community development. Through a private group chat, regular Zoom calls, and quarterly extended weekends together in person, a container and portal is created within which our transformation takes place. Participants agree to show up with an open heart, vulnerability and impeccability. Some of the requirements in the container are self-responsibility, integrity, authenticity and non-judgement.

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The expression and unfolding of this journey is as unique as the individual hearts that co-create the container. Once one participant is inspired, their intention opens the portal to call in the other participants who are meant to be involved in this unique expression of the journey. These participants might be friends or family, or they might be people we have never met who are following their own inner calling. All participants understand that this is a Divinely orchestrated journey that is never the same from one group to the next. Each group that forms is as unique as each individual within the group. Each person who brings a full-body "YES" to the space becomes a co-creator of the journey, and each participant receives the medicine that best serves their highest timeline and expression. We all agree to honor the Divine unfolding and release our need to control the outcome. We practice RADICAL ACCEPTANCE of what shows up and navigate each experience with an open heart.

Medicine Wheel Agreements

If you are called to embark on the journey, connect with me.