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These messages and resources have supported me in my awakening.
I share them so they can support you as well.

Gabe Salomon is here in form to "assist Earth's spiritual awakening". He offers a fresh perspective on manifestation that transcends the limitations of time and space and frees us from the stories of our wounded past. 

Lorie Ladd is an ascension teacher who helps us remember who we are as Divine beings and why we are here on Earth at this time. She provides guidance for ascension in simple, digestible terms, conveying her message with love and neutrality.

In 10 minutes, Zach Bush, MD expresses the truth of the expansive consciousness, perfection and love that is our true nature, as he has EXPERIENCED it through witnessing the biological death of patients and their return from "the other side". We cannot deny ourselves another day on this planet without embracing this truth and reclaiming our power!