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We may or may not be aware that we are living a life that is not completely ours, a life that is influenced by subconscious fears, thoughts and narratives that live in us and motivate our actions and choices. These influences come from pain and woundedness that our soul acquired over the course of this life, past lives or from our ancestors. We attract experiences into our lives that recreate this pain and retell the wounded stories that live within us - stories that are not happy, empowering or supportive of our highest good.

The good news is that we all came here to transform that pain and woundedness into gifts. Eventually, we may feel the urge to choose a different path, to stop recreating the same unhealthy experiences, to get out of a rut that never seems to release us. When we feel this urge, our soul is asking for attention, our Divine Self is asking to be seen, felt and heard.

Shamanic energy work is a tool that can help transform the wounds, release the pain and clear the old stories and energies that no longer serve us so we can remember the deeper parts of our selves that are ready to emerge.

Courtney explains a shamanic session
Courtney explains a shamanic session
Courtney explains a shamanic session
A shamanic session - limitless

Do you feel like...

     ... you're stuck?

     ... life/work/relationships shouldn't be this hard?

     ... you're consumed by fear, doubt, criticism?

     ... you just can't take the next step?

     ... the same pattern is replaying itself in your life?

Do you struggle with...

     ... addiction

     ... depression

     ... anxiety

     ... insomnia

     ... nightmares

     ... self-criticism

     ... self-doubt

A shamanic energy work session can help free us from these experiences. It can help clear the energies that keep us tied to ways of thinking, feeling and living that hold us back from expressing our full potential.

If you feel ready to dive deep and clear what is holding you back, shamanic energy work can help. 

If you don't know what you need to heal but you feel called to do something, anything to change the trajectory of your life, shamanic energy work can help.

I am passionate about helping people uncover and clear the shadows that hold them back.

We can ALL benefit from shamanic energy work.

If it is calling to you, contact me

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