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what to expect

  1. Sessions last approximately 2.5 hours - the first 30 mins or so are spent with intake, to tune into what beliefs, emotions, and energies we are working with for the session. Then we do the energy work for 1-1.5 hrs. Lastly, we have an outtake to create a new belief, discuss or clarify the clearing session, and tune into how you can best move forward with your journey of transformation. 

  2. During intake, we will talk about what is moving for you, why you have come, what blocks or challenges you want to work with. If you don't know, that's okay. What wants to move will surface. You DO NOT need to have a specific topic in mind before you book a session. The moment you become curious, Spirit moves and presents all that is necessary.

  3. This is energy work - If we are together in person, you lie on the treatment table, fully clothed, while I work with your energy body, not your physical body. This work can also be done from a distance, via zoom.

  4. If coming in person, wear comfortable clothes.

  5. The energy is always moving - once you become curious or interested, Spirit works to bring you to the session and guide us to the work.

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