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Dancing Bear Medicine

"Awakening to the TRUE joy of living."

Courtney Rosser-Mirabal

(NC LMBT #12455)

Intuitive Massage and Energy Work

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

Small Business Assistance

Carrboro, North Carolina

I am a unique expression of Love;

Guess what...

So are you!

My Love resonates to the frequency of passion, joy, freedom, purity, and connection;

What does yours resonate to?

I invite you to tune into your own true frequency, to the Love that you are, and remember that you are a unique expression of all that is.

Only you can share you with the world;

Through AWARENESS and DISCERNMENT we experience our TRUTH; 

we FEEL our emotions;


and are EMPOWERED to choose our path;

we OPEN our hearts to RECEIVE guidance;

we REMEMBER the LOVE that we are 

and CHOOSE to BE that love;

we AWAKEN to the JOY of life;

we bring our HEAVEN to EARTH;

This is my devotion.

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