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"Reawakening to the joy of living."

Shamanic Energy Work ~ Massage

Courtney Rosser, LMBT (NC #12455)

Carrboro, North Carolina

(formerly Conscious Living Massage)

I love.

I seek.

I walk in that place where the spiritual meets the physical, where I am always in touch with the reality that we are spiritual beings having a human experience,

not the other way around.

I share my gifts through the shamanic path and massage therapy. 

I see you and I honor your journey. I would love to look beneath the surface with you,

so you can share your heart with the world.


WE ACCESS our fullest potential.

WE MANIFEST our vision as reality.

WE FEEL our human experience.

WE ARE EMPOWERED to choose our path.

WE OPEN our hearts. 

WE CONNECT with the JOY of life.

This is my passion.

Carrboro, NC

PHONE: 919-928-6964