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"Getting a massage from Courtney is like going on a body journey."

- C.M.M.

“Courtney has a unique gift that she brings to her massage therapy. First, she is unbelievably intuitive about the body and where and how it needs work. She also has complete focus throughout, ‘conscious living’ is a hallmark of her practice that embodies her life and her therapy. We are fortunate to have her in our community of healing."  

- P.B.

"I consider it an honor to do soul work with Courtney. She has remarkable intuition and combines this with her shamanic training. Courtney helped me get rid of “old” and make room for “new’.  I sleep better and have fewer nightmares. My art leapt into a fascinating fantasy realm. My meditation practice has been more meaningful. Courtney, thank you for taking this journey with me in such a gentle, loving way."

- F.B.

"I first started coming to see Courtney after an orthopedist informed me a wrist injury would eventually require surgery with a high chance of losing a large percentage of mobility. My injury had displaced all the bones in my wrist with no other options but this risky surgery. I felt like a combination of chiropractic and massage therapy might offer some relief from the growing pain in my wrist and hand. For this particular issue I found the massage therapy to be the most effective treatment. I have now regained full, pain-free use of my hand, now relying fully on Courtney’s massage therapy. 


Courtney impressed me with her understanding of my concerns and her careful approach to my treatment. She’s very intuitive and that leads her to the areas of the body that need attention the most and how best to treat these areas. I recommend her services 100%."

- W.E.

"Courtney is a gem. Her touch is strong, focused, and intuitive. I am always amazed to find that she works in the exact areas that my body is calling for in any given moment, without me giving any verbal cues! This is in large part because she has a rare gift of truly seeing people and identifying their needs. She also goes well beyond massage to truly capture the whole person in her sessions, always checking in beforehand about physical and emotional blockages, and offering beautiful shamanic practices that perfectly coincide with her bodywork. I am so grateful to have found her during my pregnancy and for her support of me throughout my battle with postpartum anxiety. Much of my healing journey can be credited to her." 

- A.K.

"Courtney is a sensitive, intuitive massage therapist who listens with complete focus on the issues presented. She tailors her healing energies and techniques in a caring and confident way to release pain, tension and imbalances. Working with Courtney, I always feel that she can address multiple sources of discomfort to promote the body’s own natural ability to heal and thrive."

- K.G

"I reached out to Courtney during my post-surgery rehab for a rotator cuff tear. Courtney has excellent knowledge of healing modalities. Courtney actively listens to what I say and what my body says. She has the knowledge and intuition to apply it during our sessions. This is what sets her apart from other massage therapists."

- K.D.

"The Shamanic illumination with Courtney was a moment of awakening and reawakening to my emotions and my body. This session was protected time in my day and my life to immerse myself in Courtney's gentle care and her gift of healing. I recommend going into this session with an open heart, ready to receive the healing and guidance, but also with a gentle self-understanding that it may take time for the learning and healing to unfold in your day-to-day life."

- K.B.

"I'm 62 and still do a lot of physical, hard work for a living. I also have chronic neck and shoulder pain. I've been seeing Courtney for about five months now and when I come out of a session with her I feel 20 years younger. What's really great is it's never the same massage twice. She's very intuitive about finding your trouble spots and going in deep. If you need a good deep massage you won't find any better."

- G.B.

"Courtney is a remarkable massage therapist! I have never felt truly comfortable receiving professional massages before working with her - she was skilled and attentive to my particular needs and working with her helped me through some very difficult experiences. I truly feel as though all aspects of myself - mind, body, heart - are treated by her massages."

- A.V.

"Courtney's work brings peace and positivity to each of her clients as well as the community as a whole. She comes to each massage and energy work session with care, intention, and respect. In my sessions with Courtney, I have experienced a sense of renewal and calm that I am able to take forward with me into my daily life."

- D.E.

"I've been going to Courtney for massage for over 8 years and she has an incredible healing touch. She takes the time to explore my goals and hopes for each session and she tailors her massage to what my body needs each time. I was in a car accident years ago and still suffer residual back and neck pain and Courtney is gentle, patient and wise during our sessions. I feel supported and genuinely cared for. I can't recommend her highly enough."

- H,K.

"I have had the privilege of receiving massages from Courtney for many years. Courtney has so many gifts. She creates such a trusting atmosphere. Courtney is a superb listener and communicator. Before she even puts her magical hands on you, you feel comforted by her complete attention to your needs and concerns. She often checks in with you during the massage to see how you are doing but the part I like best is the silence she allows which fosters the deep internal processes of body/mind/spirit. I love Courtney's intuition as she follows the body's messages and flows with what the body is saying in the here and now. A massage from Courtney is always a highlight of the week and often a highlight for a month or year!"

- D.G.

"Courtney has been with me through whole-body transitions and nurtured my physical, emotional, and energetic selves. I appreciate Courtney’s attuned physical massage practice that comes through and with a mixture of acknowledging the greater energies of the spirit and mind. She continues to learn about best practices for bodies and taps into practices of Shamanic healing, Ayurveda, reflexology, knowledge of zodiacs and chakras - for all this knowledge I am grateful, because it makes for an even more personalized experience on the massage table. Through thoughtful consideration of a person’s whole being, she soothes and heals the body."

- K.B.

"As a hard-working professional, I greatly appreciate the level of genuine care and skill that Courtney shares. She is accommodating, an excellent listener, and is attuned to whatever tension ails my body."

- B.G.

"I am starting my second year with Courtney as my massage therapist. Having received massages for many years, I am quite an expert on what is available and what I like.  Courtney, with her excellent technique of long slow strokes with just the right pressure was just what I was looking for. Also, she was very receptive to my feedback and requests of how I like my massage. I am happy to highly recommend her."

- N.L.

"I met Courtney in 2016, before my second knee replacement. Having experienced the surgery and rehab previously, I was very stressed about doing it again. My friend assured me that bodywork with Courtney would help relieve some of the tension and fear I was experiencing, so I scheduled an appointment. 

Since that initial massage, bodywork with Courtney has become one of the most important ways that I take care of my health. She is intuitive, patient, knowledgeable and has a wonderfully healing touch. I’m convinced that working with Courtney helps me deal with the inevitable changes that occur with aging...arthritis, decreased mobility, I know that regular bodywork aids my immune system. 

Overall, I am grateful for her ability, grace and continued support."

- D.Z.

Carrboro, NC

PHONE: 919-928-6964