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First and foremost, I offer my presence. Regardless of how we engage with each other, I bring my presence and the Love that I am. I bring my truth and authenticity.

That, alone, makes a difference.

It is my belief that the essential elements of health and well-being are:

Loving, compassionate touch can come from our intimate partner, but we need it in our lives more than that. We've become a society scared to touch each other.


Massage can be a safe way to experience compassionate touch.

In our sessions, I bring my joy and the gift of being an experience of presence in someone's day. I give the body an experience of compassionate touch, the mind an experience of quiet, and the soul an experience of being seen. 

I give permission to access deep restfulness.

sunlight, Nature, bare feet on the Earth, structured water, whole foods, an open heart, feeling our feelings, and loving, compassionate human touch

Dancing Bear Medicine

Intuitive Massage

Massage creates space and allows your body to find a new way of being. It gives your physical and energetic bodies the experience of restfulness, which allows us to recharge and open to new ways of being. Massage can invite us to be curious about what our body has to say - what experiences and unexpressed emotions are stored in our tissues. Once we create space in our tissue and awaken to our body, we can access new parts of ourselves and make changes in our lives. Massage supports all changes we are making in life. It supports the healthy flow of our physical and energetic selves. It supports slowing down and allowing life to come to you.

Intuitive massage allows for the session to follow your body's guidance to where energy is stuck and how it can be freed to flow more easily, bringing space and release. I am not working to accomplish something, I do not fix you or heal you; I bring my presence and loving awareness to you and your body and support the flow that wants to be restored. I believe in your body's wisdom, and I believe in the power of loving presence to support us all in being our highest expressions of Self. This is what I bring to our sessions.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

A woman's body is experiencing its most dramatic changes during pregnancy and postpartum. If there is any time in life when massage is most therapeutic and beneficial, it is during this time. The positive flow of energy allows the mother to rest, the physical touch creates space in her body to support her changing body and the growing baby, the quiet presence allows her to slow down and bring her own presence to this precious time in life. This is also a beautiful experience for baby, who is also receiving the loving presence and touch, through mama's body.

In my ideal world, all mothers receive massage during pregnancy and postpartum, and all babies are welcomed into this world with loving presence and compassionate touch.

Small Business Assistance

I am passionate about collaboration. My deepest self knows that this is how we are meant to interact as humans, as part of Nature. Collaboration is Nature's way, it's how ecosystems thrive. We can all feel it in our hearts when synergy happens - when two or more people come together and a creative solution emerges, almost effortlessly. The creative energy that is released is palpable and fills all parties with inspiration for more creation. This is the way forward for humanity and this is what I bring when I support small businesses.


We all have superpowers. Do you know what yours are? If you've created a small business, I bet your superpower has to do with the service or product you are offering to the world. And maybe when it comes to the office admin aspect of that business you cringe, get overwhelmed, and put it off. Some of my superpowers are organizing and simplifying back-end processes in order for small business owners to be freed up to do what they do best, whatever that may be. I believe that if we each show up and claim our piece of the greater puzzle - our superpower - and if we stop trying to do it all ourselves, we create space for the right players to show up and joyfully fill in the gaps of what needs to be done - the magic of collaboration. We have to be humble enough to admit that we don't have it all figured out, and in that space of surrender, magic can unfold. 

I can joyfully fill the space of creating and simplifying digital workflow, designing and managing websites, writing and clarifying forms and documents, creating and organizing databases, editing manuscripts. I'm also a great sounding board for talking through business plans and management, able to see through the fluff and chaos and get to the heart of what wants to manifest or be communicated. My brain is holographic, I see all the pieces of the jumbled mess and hone in on the important pieces for whatever we're wanting to accomplish.

I team up on Passion Projects that resonate with my heart and soul. There must be a genuine connection between us if I'm going to be the right person to work with, and there must be integrity, passion, and self-responsibility in your business. I don't clean up someone else's mess, I'm a wing-woman for people with big vision and the fierce heart to take action and create something that's never been done. I support the creation of parallel structures that will build a new world. If you've launched something dear to your heart and need some extra support to lay the foundation, or shore up the back-end because it's taking off faster than you can manage, I might be the missing piece to your puzzle.

You don't have to do it alone!

Freedom & Sovereignty

True freedom and sovereignty comes from truly knowing ourselves and our rights, as the creation of Creation. I have been devoted to the path of self-discovery for 15 years now. The events that have unfolded on the world stage in recent years catapulted me into a discovery of our true place in the world, as man and woman. Along the way, I encountered  a course called the Law For Mankind and I felt strongly guided to check it out.

I immediately felt this course to be the missing piece to what I was already navigating - reclaiming my power over my fears, doubts, and limitations, as well as reclaiming my power from external authorities that were quickly trying to strip it away and demand that I live a certain way and follow certain rules that made no sense to me. 

This course spoke to my innate knowing that we have the God-given right to live free on our land, in our homes, and with our families. It clarified my place in my own reality in a practical way that nothing else ever has, and it provided the tools for me to feel confident in speaking up for myself and my truth. It’s not another shortcut, it’s the real deal - true law, distilled down, in a way you can engage cleanly to resolve any and every controversy. It's calling us forth, as men and women, to take responsibility for our lives and stand in our truth.

If you're curious or feel called, check out the free Q&A clinic by clicking the banner below and see if it resonates. I was skeptical, but when I listened, I felt the spark of recognition that this knowledge is something we are meant to have.

law for mankind
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