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These messages have supported me in my ascension process. I share them so they can support you as well.

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The Sophia Stream of Consciousness


I recently learned that I am intuitively connected to the Sophia Stream of Consciousness. I have never named specific guides or beings with whom I connect intuitively, I have simply received information and shared it. Being told that I am working with the Sophia stream led me to seek out information about Sophia (I knew nothing of her or her mythology).


In my search, I found an article about the myth of Sophia that describes exactly what I experience as the "journey of being human". Its message is pertinent to these times and to the message I have to share with the world - it is time to remember our true potential and reclaim our rightful place as Divine beings, connected in oneness to each other, all of life and to the Creator.

If this is the message Sophia brings then, yes, I am working with her stream of consciousness. 

An excerpt from the article:

"So don’t be afraid to share a dance with Sophia – she’s quite a girl, I promise. Allow her to take you to that place down across the tracks that we all must visit, where we become painfully separated from our true potential, and exiled from what we are really capable of becoming. From there, she can show you the way back up, the way to get in touch with your divinely feminine soul (the soul of the world), and unify it with the willful (but powerful and promising) masculine aspect of ego. Then, the separation becomes a matrimonial solution, where you may discover that the myth is the means to learning the whole secret – of you, of me, of us, and of a whole world."

~ Stephan Hoeller

"The World’s Soul is a Woman – The Gnostic Myth of Sophia"

(Full article here)


Lorie Ladd is an ascension teacher who helps us remember who we are as Divine beings and why we are here on Earth at this time. She provides guidance for ascension in simple, digestible terms, conveying her message with love and neutrality.

In 10 minutes, Zach Bush, MD expresses the truth of the expansive consciousness, perfection and love that is our true nature, as he has EXPERIENCED it through witnessing the biological death of patients and their return from "the other side". We cannot deny ourselves another day on this planet without embracing this truth and reclaiming our power!

The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission From the Sophia Dragon Tribe

A declaration of your sovereign divinity, The Sophia Code is a visionary, sacred text for the Divine Feminine Christ movement sweeping the planet now. This book is a living transmission encoded with direct revelations to activate your important role as a revolutionary wayshower for humanity's awakening.

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