Dancing Bear Medicine -Courtney Rosser


Dancing Bear Medicine is about waking up to the truth that we are Divine beings having a human experience and that we have the power to choose how we experience each now moment.

In order to awaken to this truth, we must be willing to feel our feelings, move beyond fear, trust in the unseen and listen to our resonance and inner knowing - our truth. 

Only then can we reclaim our sovereignty as Divine beings and choose to live in our hearts, walk our authentic path, and fulfill our potential.


I am passionate about empowering others to know this experience in their own lives. To WAKE UP to the truth of who we are and why we are here and to reclaim the life that is theirs to live.

Dancing Bear Medicine seeks to awaken you.



I am an alchemist ~ I alchemize the denser vibrations within and around me into higher vibrations of light and love.

I am a bodyworker ~ I work through the body, for it is the temple for the soul.

The body is essential to the Earth experiment. It guides us to our individual resonance and truth. We are called to listen to our bodies and allow them to receive ever more light.


I am here to consciously raise my vibration so I can be a pillar of light and truth on this planet and model the process for others. By allowing my body to receive and hold more light, I can maintain alignment with truth and guidance while witnessing the dissolution of the darkness on the planet. From this place, I anchor light onto the planet and call in the New Earth.

I am devoted to this Earth experiment and I am excited to support others awakening to their own journey on this planet. 

Carrboro, NC

PHONE: 919-928-6964

EMAIL: dancingbearmedicine@gmail.com