Dancing Bear Medicine -Courtney Rosser


To live at our highest potential, we must have a connection with our own body, the energy of Spirit that exists all around us, and the ground beneath our feet. When we create a balanced relationship between these three aspects of being human, we can know our truth, access our joy, and dance our way through life. It is a journey to cultivate this relationship, with many challenges and rewards along the way. 


Dancing Bear Medicine is about waking up to that journey and its power to transform our experience of the world. When we have a deep knowing that Spirit moves through us and that Mother Earth provides endless nourishment and protection, anything is possible. I am passionate about empowering my clients to know this experience in their own lives.


Through massage, we awaken the body, offering it a new experience, reminding it that a more spacious, relaxed and joyous way of being in the body is possible.


Through shamanic energy work, we connect with Spirit to clear the stories that live in our energetic blueprint, freeing us from the confines of our ancestral and karmic patterns, allowing us to our own truth and fully step into our potential and share our gifts in this life.

Dancing Bear Medicine seeks to awaken you.



I am a seeker ~ I seek to feel my body and my heart, to feel my entire human experience.

I am an alchemist ~ I transform my experiences into healing and wisdom. I walk this path of transformation for myself, which allows me to guide others who are on a similar path.

I am a bodyworker ~ I am fascinated by the human body, as a temple for the soul. I find that, when we work at the place where the physical and energetic bodies meet, profound transformation can happen.


Awareness is my addiction. For me, awareness means paying attention to how I respond to and relate with the world around me. By becoming more aware, I am able to connect more deeply with my authentic self and share her with others. I am then able to connect more deeply with others and their authenticity. Through authentic connection, I find joy.

I honor the innate wisdom of our bodies. My hands are my guides, the body is the messenger. Through felt sensations the body communicates what is needed to heal, transform and expand. If we are willing to listen and work with the body we can create space for one's truest self to emerge

I bring my wholeness to my work - love, grief, motherhood, learning, healing, joy, relationship, physical expression, travel - all that I am and all that I have experienced informs my sessions. I am devoted to this process of awareness and transformation for myself and I am excited to accompany my clients on their journey of awakening to joy. 


Carrboro, NC

PHONE: 919-928-6964

EMAIL: dancingbearmedicine@gmail.com